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5 Yoga poses to calm your mind

Yoga trekking in Nepal

5 Yoga Poses to Calm Your Mind

Yoga / By Sophie Addison

When people are liable to anxiety, depression, and stress, it is more essential than ever to seek ways to relax the mind. Relationships, school, work, and financial worries take a toll on our bodies and minds. Yoga can be a pleasant break from the tensions of our daily life. According to one study, practising yoga regularly can help fight anxiety, depression, and stress. In addition, yoga can benefit the overall calming of your mind; these five poses have been selected, making a difference in lowering your overall stress levels when practised mindfully.

Childs pose

Child’s Pose

Extending your lower back and hips by this pose can be very relaxing and help decrease weariness. First, sit on your heels while leaving a gap between your thighs to try out this pose. Next, extend your upper body on the floor with your midsection resting between your thighs and your arms entirely on the floor. Take a few long, deep breaths in this posture. This pose can be held up to five minutes or longer if you wish.

yoga Cobra pose

Cobra Pose

This is a challenging pose but compelling at the same time. It boosts your mood and energy level while strengthening your back. Lie with your face down, positioning the palms on the floor at the width of your shoulders for the cobra pose. Place your lower body and pelvis on the ground throughout, take a deep breath, and lift your chest off the floor while keeping your body in the same place. The attention should be on raising from your core rather than just resting on your arms. You can take several long deep breaths while holding this pose, then let the body rest on the floor while you exhale.


Warrior II

There are three types of warrior poses. Warrior two is a natural yoga pose that helps to release stress and tension. Remind yourself of your inner strength and the capability to stand with tenacity against life’s challenges.

Yoga Dancers pose

Dancer’s Pose

This is an excellent yoga posture, not just for dancers. Anyone can apply this yoga pose to their regular practice. It is a charming pose that symbolizes elegance and grace. You can do this pose as if you were a dancer with a light and happy feeling. The dancer’s pose not only helps to release stress but also opens up the chest.

Yoga Crow poase

Crow Pose

This is a mighty pose, which is not an easy pose to do.

You will appreciate yourself when you finally execute the crow pose, despite the time and practice it will take. This pose improves your concentration, focus, and strength. Observe your mind turn calm and happy while doing this pose. This state of mind is known as Prasanna Chetana, p relaxed and pleasant awareness. Having an alert mind can also help you to overcome the symptoms of depression.

Emotional and mental health is as important as physical health. Stress can affect our mental as well as physical well-being and inner peace. Practising yoga regularly can help in managing, which in turn lowers the risk of stress-related health problems.

Sophie Addison is a skincare expert and blogger who is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She has written about everything from joint pain treatments to wrinkles to weight loss and fitness news. In addition, she listens to music and loves to do gardening.

This article was first posted on the Art of Living Retreat Center’s Website and is republished with the authors’ permission.

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