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8 Reasons To Explore The Great Outdoors

a group of people on a rocky hill

There are many reasons to explore the great outdoors, and for some, it’s even difficult not to, but with exploration comes excitement and new adventures. But maybe to you, it doesn’t really sound all that fun, perhaps you’re scared of nature, or maybe you don’t find the enjoyment in it that others do, which is fine, but there is a bonus if you will find yourself out there.

Being in nature is natural to all humans; it’s so natural that humans made the word natural off of nature. Staying indoors is not so natural, at least staying indoors for prolonged periods without interaction with the actual sun. And our bodies don’t really like not having the sun or fresh air, among other things. But it does like nature, which is known because there are known benefits to go outside and exploring.

Relieve Stress

To start with science, cortisol is a hormone found in the brain that is correlated to stress. So the more stressed you are, the more cortisol you have, so logically, less cortisol equals less stress. And you can get less cortisol by going into nature, exploring, being relaxed, and enjoying nature because the forest is not stressful compared to your job or everyday life. 

Being less stressed can open many doors for you; being less stressed means that you are overall more patient and therefore have more time to think about decisions and think things through; it’ll make you more appreciative as you pause for a second rather than walking past all there is to see. 

a man standing on a rocky hill

a man standing on a rocky hill

Increase Mental Energy

As mentioned, having less stress is better for your body because it wears down your mental state. But going into nature relieves stress while also rejuvenating your mental state, giving you more mental energy. So heal yourself by taking a waltz into nature, which will allow you to think more clearly and carry on easier. 

If you’re like most people, you can sometimes be overwhelmed or bored with the same old sights, the same old town or city, which is tiring, and you only become gradually more tired. This is why taking a trip to spend time in nature is a good thing because it will allow you to relax fully, which will enable you to be happier in the long term.

Boost Your Immune System

The two points made have been about mental health, which can be different for everyone, either stronger or weaker, more susceptible to mental fatigue, and the like. But this one works for everyone, albeit on different levels but still. In addition, being in nature boosts your immune system, which will allow you to fight off any pathogen more effectively, and you’ll be sick with the common cold less, which is always a benefit. 

This is due to phytoncides, or at the very least, that’s what scientists believe. There’s strong evidence to suggest that being in nature boosts your immune system, but no one is exactly certain as to why. But phytoncides could be it, which are the airborne chemicals that plants emit, which increase the count of white blood cells, cells of which fight off disease. 


a group of people on a rock in the snow

Be Calmer and Live Longer

Now, this has sort of already been addressed, but you’ll be calmer in nature, which will also transfer into your everyday life. If you’ve found yourself running out of patience more lately, then maybe it would be in your best interest to take a hike into the great outdoors and smell the roses. Destress yourself and let go of the trivial problems taking hold of your life.

Letting go will allow you to live longer. The more worries you have, the higher the toll your body takes, so as long as you stay relaxed, you’ll live happier and live a fuller life even, which will allow your body to be healthier. And obviously, the healthier your body, the longer you should live. So take a walk and enjoy the increased time to do it once more.

Walk-in Comfort

While walking, it’s essential to stay comfortable, and therefore it’s also a bonus that you get to look so fashionable while also comfortably enjoying the daisies. Either way, you must have proper Viakix outdoor footwear, clothes, and gear, so you don’t ruin your experience by getting injured or getting too hot or cold.

But you know the temperature outside, so that footwear will be the focus. If you’re taking a stroll and don’t plan on getting dirty or hiking, then sandals are probably your best bet since that’s comfortable while also giving you a sense of freedom, but don’t go barefoot unless you know where you’re stepping, wouldn’t want to step on a thorn.

If you need shoes to protect yourself, then there’s nothing wrong with using regular tennis shoes or even actual hiking boots. But, in fairness, whatever you choose doesn’t necessarily matter as long as they suit your needs, comfortable for the terrain you plan to stroll on.     

Become Sharper

Though not physically, you can become mentally sharper after escaping the woods unless you take a thorn with you. An experiment was done on college students to test their memories by reciting a sequence of numbers. After the students took a stroll through nature, they accurately recited more numbers than before taking a stroll.

Improve Social Skills

This one isn’t for everyone because it depends on what you desire, but some desire companionship and new friends, which can be found either exploring or before setting off on a trek, maybe go with a group. Doing so will allow you to talk and get to know others more easily without worrying about the silence. And the best part is your walking buddy already has something in common with you.

Be Who You Want To Be

According to psychologists, being disconnected from society and alone in nature allows you to stop worrying about society and societal pressures, making you see your values unclouded by others’ desires. It’ll let you find yourself again and be the person you want to be without worrying about how others feel.

Just Have Fun

Nature is natural, and what’s natural is good for the sweet embrace of the forest anyway. It has many benefits to offer, which makes many reasons to go out and explore the great outdoors, but no matter what benefit you’re seeking, you’ll still have fun, and that’s all that matters. A happier you is a better you.

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