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Three perfect reasons to take a yoga retreat

Three Perfect reasons to take a yoga retreat.

Three perfect reasons to take a yoga retreat

Whether you have developed an ‘at home’ yoga practice, attend classes at a studio, gym, or church, or participate in outdoor events, retreats are a unique opportunity to unplug and slow down so that you can develop a deeper connection to your inner Self.


Take yourself on a yoga retreat! Immersion is key

A retreat not only drops away the day-to-day to-do’s like cleaning, cooking, running errands, and looking after others, but it also supports you in energetic ways. We have picked a spot that is immersed in nature. When nature surrounds you, it softly encourages taking a deeper breath and provides enough space for a long exhale. Let. It. Go. (whatever “it” may be). We chose the location of the Blue Ridge Mountains for its epic beauty and vibrant nature. You are choosing to create more time and space to immerse yourself in self-inquiry. To inquire within while being held by the support of the environment is an added plus.


Imagine a weekly retreat routine that is geared towards balance. Every day is curated to return to your health, healing, and a pure power source. Does that not sound pretty great?



Leaping to join a retreat brings you together with like-minded people. When meeting new friends from new places and diving into a group experience – a specific type of bond happens within each tribe. I have witnessed, time and time again, deeply formed friendships that have lasted a lifetime from retreat weeks. These new pals can become a sounding board to share your evolving yoga practice’s ongoing experiences. That support is vital when moving through the victories and the challenges of life. Consciousness is contagious, and we are part of a community of over 35 million Americans that are now practising yoga.


Waking up

Diving deeper into the study of yoga and meditation can wake up the nervous system in exciting ways. When you are in the same life routine daily, all the layers of Self become somewhat “bored”, for lack of a better word. With an immersion into yoga and meditation practices while on retreat, you are physically creating new neural pathways in the brain. Each day a new path, a new method, a unique experience as you are guided towards balance. Our retreat offers various yoga styles for all levels and abilities and many different perspectives of these ancient teachings. As you “wake up” your body, mind, and spirit, as a result, you may learn new ways to approach life; playful, curious, and with more presence.


Join me and my colleague, Jen O’Sullivan, for our Return to Source Yoga Retreat from May 10-16, 2019, where we will share time-tested yoga methods and contemporary approaches to self-inquiry to help you connect to the spark of your inner wisdom. You can expect nourishing Self-Awakening, Yin, and Restorative Yoga practices, guided meditations, reflective exercises, and many opportunities to partake in the amenities at the centre, including kirtan and quiet walks in nature.

Stacy Seebart

Stacy Seebart is an experienced yoga teacher, massage therapist, and educator. Her yoga journey began at the Nosara Yoga Institute (NYI) in Nosara, Costa Rica, fourteen years ago. Stacy has trained yoga teachers around the world and was faculty of both Kripalu Center and NYI. Her approach is heart-centred, grounded, and transformative.

 This article originally appeared on the Art of Living Retreat Center’s Website.

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