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When Is The Best Time To Trek In The Himalayas

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Raj from Responsible Adventures explains the best time to trek in the Himalayas. He is drawing these ideas from his past 33 years of trekking experience in the mountains of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India’s Ladakh, Sikkim, and Darjeeling regions.

Autumn: is believed to be the best season visibility-wise.

September being the Monsoon’s tail end, rain could affect views, and the wet ground is a fertile place for monsoon leeches.

October is the busiest month for hiking in the Himalayas; however, cyclones in the Bay of Bengal have been adversely
affecting the mountains’ weather in recent years. Therefore, we believe now, November is one of the best months to hike.

The second half of November to the end of January is usually colder. However, the weather is more stable, and visibility is better during winter. The winter is also the season when fewer trekkers hit the trails, making them less crowded. I would suggest you hike during these times to enjoy less crowded trails and lodges. February tends to get a fair bit of snowstorms in the higher altitudes.

Mountains look beautiful in March and April, with flowers in full bloom. More snowfalls may occur during Spring than in the winter in some
parts of the mountains.

May and June months could be hot, humid, and wet in the lower elevations. Lot fewer trekkers hit the trails during this period. The Lodges and guest houses are less crowded during these summer months. High altitude wildflowers begin to bloom during these times.

July and August’s months see full-blown monsoon rains. Magic can happen with occasional clear weather, allowing you views of the high mountains along with beautiful flowers in bloom. These months are also the right season to see moths of all colours and sizes.

The summertime in the Northern Hemisphere is the best time to head to high mountain places such as Mustang, Dolpo, Tibet, and Ladakh, where the high mountain range blocks monsoon clouds and creates a rain shadow in the valleys on the other side of the mountains. Those who love vibrant colours,
may trek in these months to enjoy the beautiful colour spectrum.

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