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The pandemic has affected us all, but it is soon time to get back on our feet and kick-start tourism again. Therefore, we are looking for some creative marketing interns possessing skills in IT and digital platforms who can bring innovative ideas and promote our business cost-free. Are you a motivated person able to think out of the box?

We encourage applicants from the LGBTQ+ and minority communities to apply. This is part of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) policy.

This position is remote and voluntary.

Marketing internship at Responsible Adventures

The length of the internship is flexible – it can be as long as you set up your tenure. You can do the internship for a certain period or base it on goals to reach; we leave it to you on how long you remain part of our team.

As a part of our growing team, you would help us with:

  • Social media coverage and targeting B2C or B2B clientele
  • Market research for broader reach and new B2B partnerships with companies worldwide where we need to sharpen our marketing materials and communication to attract buyers – show them our unique service.
  • Improving internal systems and creating invoices
  • Conducting surveys and interviews
  • Research on finding social media influencers to promote products. How do they work payment, etcetera?
  • New channels to share products and upload package information, photos, and videos to cloud storage.
  • Making attractive PDFs for packages and tailor-made trips
  • Enhancing current elements on our website and optimizing it
  • Video production where we turn our blogs into Vlogs – and possibly come up with ideas
  • We provide a platform for you to “Experiment” with innovative and unconventional ideas. Responsible Adventures is a small company with a great motive to pursue growth and be the best in what we offer – giving our customers a culinary experience and showing them the wonders of nature on the off-the-beaten-path treks.

We offer you a place to grow with us.

Apply by email to: [email protected]

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