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Filming in Nepal

What we do:

Responsible Adventures provides various kinds of services for film/photography production. We offer to give you a helping hand guiding you towards your directing vision. We are a team of flexible of enthusiastic people who can ease your location scouting, solve your logistic issues and most importantly, provide a smooth flow of your project completion from beginning to the end.

We are a Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity company that strives to help the marginalised communities in Nepal and the Himalayas.

Our services for you:

Our dedication to efficiency and sustainability commits us to ensure that the designated filming time is managed efficiently and that the budget is not exceeded. Our knowledge of filming locations will not only expand your options. Still, create an effective logistics plan that will guide you from one location to another in the smoothest manner. Let us take care of permits and other documents and show you some of Nepal’s most beautiful remote areas, many of which are untouched by human presence. We bring creature comforts to your remote locations with luxury camping and the healthiest meals throughout the Himalayas. After all, that’s what we do best.

Filming in Nepal Services

  • Filming in Nepal is focused on providing complete filming services for international film productions companies and crew. We support documentary filming, docudrama, tv reality show, ad films, mainstream cinema, aerial filming, high altitude filming, etcetera. In addition, we ensure the following services to make the shooting takes place in Nepal.

    Rapid Communication

  • Time factor matters a lot while working with the film crew right from the first contact. We assure prompt response at all times.
  • We generally respond to our emails within 12 hours. However, being in a developing country, we face power and internet outages from time to time.
  • Comprehensive Budget Estimates with no hidden costs.
  • Once we receive the estimated time and location details for shooting, we can calculate the total cost within a short period. We pride ourselves on providing value-added services. We can easily arrange for upgraded services for the entire film crew. Our budgeting involves a full breakdown of expenditure to find out if anything is amiss. 
  • Location Scouting/Location Manager
  • Our Location manager will scout and guide you to the location, or you can survey at your disposal. As necessary, we can also send you the location pictures. We also help you find suitable locations or sites for your story.

    Obtain Filming Permits

  • We begin our application process for all necessary permits from the Nepalese government as soon as we get all the required information/documents from you. We have excellent public relations with the concerned authorities. Our PR experience enables us to get all kinds of permits in Nepal at a negotiated time. We can attain the filming permits in a week when the usual course is between ten days to 20 days to get a filming permit in Nepal.
  • Arrange Necessary documentation for filming permit
  • To get a permit from the Ministry of Information and Communication, we have to have the following information. The filming Application form will be available when necessary.
    1. Application form
    2. Synopsis of the filming story.
    3. Crewmembers with bio-data and passport copy.
    4. Equipment List with values for custom clearance.
    5. Itinerary (Including Start Date of filming).
    6. CONSENT Letters of concerned organisations: (MAI will take all responsibilities to make your Consent letter.)
    7. Authorization Letter Responsible Adventures Pvt. Ltd. as a local representative by the producer.

    Customs Clearance.

  • To clear customs of filming equipment coming other than Nepal, one needs to have a film permit and the authority letter from the Film Development Board. We help you get the letter and help clear customs duties of filming within 1 hour by doing all paperwork in the customs clearance at the airport or other relevant entry points to Nepal. Our team will be there at the airport before you arrive to finish all paper works to clear the equipment through customs promptly.

    Visa Services

  • We can assist you with your visa. If necessary, we can appoint one of our team members to accompany you to the immigration department to help you extend your visa. You can get an entry visa upon arrival in Kathmandu TIA immigration.

    All logistics.

  • We always arrange the best available food and accommodation. If the location abuts some town, we will book the best available hotel. If the site is far from urban centres, we provide luxury camping and serve the most varied and healthiest meals prepared by our trekking chefs’. 
  • We can arrange any vehicles from cars, vans, four-wheel jeeps, buses according to your requirements.

    Filming Equipment/ Logistic Supply

  • Equipment plays a pivotal role in movie/documentary making. One of the most critical elements of filmmaking is to put together video production equipment packages.
  • You can hire filming equipment in Nepal. However, we advise you to bring all your gear if the equipment you require does not meet your needs and expectations. We can happily send you the list of equipment and accoutrements available here in Nepal. Some of the equipment readily available here are:

 Cine Arri III 35 mm, super 16, RED camera, different Panasonic & Sony cameras, HDSLR, HDV to Audio Equipments, Grip Equipment, etcetera. We also help you to get generators and walkie-talkies for the outdoor shoot.

Our portfolio:

 We understand that discretion is of utmost importance and respect it thoroughly. Some of the projects we have undertaken are not released, so we have not listed them.

Our Movie Production Team

Suraj Kashyap

Suraj is an experienced local producer who has managed multiple international and domestic projects. He co-founded this department with Utpal and Raj, to provide the best filming experience to our clients in Nepal. He specialises in project planning, budgeting, and government liaison and overlooks the logistics planning and execution of the project. He had successfully led another production company for two years before becoming part of our team. He has handled some of the projects for Vice Asia, MBC Middle East, multiple tasks that need a Fixer in Nepal, Google, Standard chartered, ARM investigation, etcetera. Suraj is your first point of contact and is recognised as one of the best local producers for Film production services in Nepal.
In addition to Filming, Suraj has a passion for farming to promote sustainable farming practices in Nepal. He also contributes his time to provide management services to a local development organisation. Furthermore, he is keen on promoting natural herbs of Nepal throughout the globe.


Utpal jha
    • Bachelors in Film Studies (Specialisation in ScreenWriting/Film Direction)
    • Producer/Actor/Director of numerous Music videos, Web series, Shorts, and Feature film
    • Acted in 15 National and International Theater Productions
    • Gold Medalist in Humanities (Bachelors of Film Studies; Specialisation: Film Direction & Screen-Writing, Tribhuvan University)
    • Teaches Acting (Movie and Theatre), Cinema (Film Theory/Film History), Business Communication and IELTS (International English Language Testing System),
    • Has worked in the capacity of Line Producer/Researcher/Fixer/Language Interpreter for various International Productions 

    IMDB Link:

Dinesh Prakash Mahara
Dinesh Prakash Mahara

Production Designer at Nepali Motion Pictures

Former Vice-President of Nepal Film Technician Association (NEFTA/2013-2016)


Marketing Manager in  Classic Cine Universe Pvt. Ltd.




Bidur Pandey

Nabin or popularly known as Bidur Pandey, is a self-taught director of photography. He has made more than 1,600 music videos and several critically acclaimed movies. The prolific artist has done it all from documentaries, commercials, and feature films.

However, his acid test came in the form of Kagbeni, the first-ever movie shot by a digital camera in South Asia. The movie went on to set multiple benchmarks in the Nepalese film industry.



Anup Vaswani

He is a Photographer/ Cinematographer, also working as a local organizer for projects. He has been making documentaries for the past five years and has the skill to form interviews into stories that can help describe the story that is trying to be old.

He communicates well in the field between the crew and the locals as he can speak English/ Hindi/ Nepali fluently.

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