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Unique Yoga teacher training

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Unique Yoga teacher training in the Nepal Himalayas

Unique Yoga teacher training in the Nepal Himalayas
We have designed this unique yoga teacher training to bring you to places with religious/spiritual significance. We will be doing some trekking, staying at certain spots for several days. You will be given opportunities to go to Nepal’s remote parts where next to no tourists have flocked.

You will get to experience pristine villages of different ethnic groups, spots, visit monasteries, meditate with monks, and watch Shamans do their rituals. As yogis, you must have read or heard that Lord Shiva was Adhiyogi or the first yoga practitioner. We will be passing through yogic and spiritually significant places on the yoga teacher-training trek.

We will be hiking amidst some of the most spectacular panoramic views of the Himalayan mountain range. We will even go to a vantage point where you will get to see a panorama that is 480km long, perhaps the widest in the world.

We will be conducting this yoga teacher training on an expedition-style camping trek for self-realization. There will be many yogi/support crew involved as all the camping types of equipment, food; etcetera has to be brought along with us.

We will provide you with three men dome tents to be shared between two trainees, a 4-inch thick foam mattress to sleep on, a dining tent with tables and stools to eat a yogic diet, kitchen tent where our trekking chef and his assistants will prepare nourishing meals using super-food as ingredients.

We will also provide a toilet and shower tent (bear in mind that this is a camping trip in remote parts of Nepal where the resources are scarce. Do not expect to get a hot shower every day, alternate days if you are lucky). We will have pack animals, porters, or vehicles to carry all the food, camping gear from one spot to the next. This will be the closest to a Glamping Yoga Teacher training in the Himalayas – perhaps the first of its kind to find your true self.

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