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Yoga trek on an off the beaten track

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Yoga trekking in an off the beaten track area in Nepal

This yoga trekking vacation is designed in such a way that makes it unique in many ways. To keep this region unspoiled, we will not expose the name of the places we will bring you to on this webpage to avoid mass tourism, which will ruin the pristineness of the region. You will be going through locations where next to no trekkers have been before.

As this is off the tourist grid, the infrastructure here is underdeveloped; for this very reason, we will conduct the treks in an expedition style camping trek. Do not despair when you read camping. Our camping treks in the Himalayas are the closest to “Glamping” in these parts of the world.

You will be fully supported by an expert trekking group leader, a yoga instructor, assistant guides, a trekking Chef along with his helpers and porters or pack animals to carry all the food and camping gear. All you have to do is bring your small day pack and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the area.

We will provide three-person tent to be shared between two trekkers, all camping equipment such as dining tents, kitchen tents, tables and stools, toilet tent along with, and improvised toilet seat and even a shower tent. Just like on our trekking vacations, you will receive unparalleled trekking services in the whole of the Himalayas.

The off the grid trekking holiday is ideal for all from beginners to families to school excursion trips or corporate tours,  as the highest point on this trek is only 3365 meters above sea level. This trip will give you a well-rounded experience with the right combination of witnessing the lives of some ethnic tribes of Nepal and their daily lifestyle with traditional culture.

The actual hiking per day is on most days are five to six hours, and only towards the end, it will take seven hours; you will be fit by that period. The broad views are unlike anything in the Himalayas or perhaps even the whole wide world. On clear days Mount Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, along other mountains are visible.

The highlight of the trek will be going up a hill of 3365 meters to witness the mountain range from that ranges from Mount Dhaulagiri from the west to Mount Pandim to the east, which is in Sikkim. The panoramic distance is more than 480km as the crow flies as per Google maps. Eight mountains above 8000 meters are visible on this vista, including Mount Everest along with hundreds of peaks that are between six thousand and seven thousand meters in altitude. It is advised that you bring along binoculars for close up views as the distance of the vista is massive.

There are very few places that have a perfect combination of being in an off the beaten track with the best panorama of the Himalayan peaks.

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