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Safe Glamping treks in Nepal Himalayas - Post Pandemic Adventures

Trekking tours in the Nepal Himalayas that are safe Post COVID 19 Pandemic

The recent COVID 19 pandemic has given the world a rude wake-up call. It has shown us how much damage had been done to the earth. It also taught us that doing the right thing can save our planet from an environmental disaster we had set its course before the pandemic.

Safe Mobile Glamping Trekking – Sustainable Tourism

We are offering Safe Mobile Glamping treks, where our trekkers are taken away from the crowds of the popular trekking areas. Most of you are aware of Glamping or Luxury Camping where the accommodation is at a fixed location. Our luxury camping trek moves from one camping site to another almost daily – hence the term – Mobile Glamping.

Our pioneering mobile glamping treks give “High Value and Low impact” to the people and environment we bring you too. This form of Sustainable tourism is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity.

Off the beaten path track – Authentic Travel.

We have handpicked areas that are off the beaten path trek, where a small number of other trekkers might appear on the trekking trail. Our trekkers will be experiencing authentic Himalayan cultures with Social Distancing. On our fully supported Mobile Glamping treks, our clients will be secluded from other trekkers (if there are any) by our support crew. We will have our own campsites, dining tent, kitchen tent where your meals are prepared hygienically, and social distancing can be easily maintained.  This experience provides a “Private Social Bubble.” This mode of trekking will avoid over-tourism and, at the same time, allow for social distancing from mass tourism.

Our team has been pioneers of providing hand sanitizers before each meal (we will increase the frequency), we are the first and only company that uses biodegradable toilet bag for our camping treks.

Wellness Adventures – Transformational Travel

Our usage of superfood on our wellness adventure have always helped our client to boost their immune system. Our trekkers can continue to use the ingredients we use on the treks to continue maintaining their immune systems. This can give them a better chance of facing future epidemics or pandemics. Many of our trekkers have continued to practice utilizing the recipes of the wellness food and drinks we serve when they get home. They are grateful for the life-changing practices they learned while trekking in the Himalayas with us.

Luxury Camping Trek

A camping trek was the classic and original style of trekking, which we have upgraded to “Mobile Glamping” in the Himalayas. Before entrepreneurs began opening their teahouses, tents, porters, cooks, animals, and guides ran the country’s expeditions.

This type of trekking expedition provides employment opportunities for a lot more locals as all camping gear, equipment, and food need to be carried by porters or pack animals.

While it might seem daunting to carry several weeks’ worth of food, tents, and other paraphernalia, do not fear: robust porters carry the trekking gear, hauling up food, fuel, utensils, and food. Camping in the Himalayas is luxurious compared to what many Westerners might be used to. All trekkers need to carry, much like on the teahouse treks, is their daily necessities.

The trekking team does the rest:

The setting and breaking camp, preparing a variety of healthy along with nourishing meals, and purchasing fresh organic food along the trail. We are less than a handful of ethical adventure companies that provide a toilet tent with biodegradable toilet bags, shower tent, and even heaters for the dining tents. It all comes down to paying attention to the minute attention to detail and creature comforts.

Private Social Bubble.

The experience of mobile Glamping is unlike anything teahouse trekkers can experience as you will be off the beaten track while experiencing much more of untouched Nepal. Furthermore, you will get to experience an authentic and “Real” part of the country, something you will not find in a mass tourism area.


Our team makes sure that all rubbish produced by us while catering for you are carried out as part of our “Leave No Trace” values. We preach and practice “Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints,” ethics.

Special Offer for Covid-19 Frontline workers