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Retreats for Cleansing Eliminate Stress and Clear Your Body

Cleansing retreats

Cleansing Retreats: Eliminate Stress and Clear Your Body

Cleansing Retreats: Eliminate Stress and Clear Your Body

Ayurveda, Organic food, Yoga / By Paige Reist

Cleansing Retreats in North Carolina

Even the best computer needs to be restarted every once in a while. But, between the toxins and chemicals in most modern western foods to the particles in the air we breathe to the stress that we put ourselves under at work and home, there are times when what you need more than anything is a chance to clear out the mind and body and start fresh once again.

Cleansing retreats are designed to refresh and restore the body inside and out. Relaxing and fun, these retreats are an escape with a purpose, one where the end goal is to leave feeling you are more energized and ready to take on the challenges of the everyday world.

Beauty mask.

Beauty mask.

What is a Cleansing Retreat?

Several strategies can be used at these retreats. For example, at the Art of Living Center in North Carolina, our cleansing retreats are designed to detoxify the body using relaxing spa services, nourishing Ayurvedic techniques, and a venue that helps each attendee become more in touch with nature.

For example, our Panchakarma Detox Retreat is a cleansing retreat that involves:

   Daily Ayurvedic Meals – Delicious meals cooked by trained chefs that nourish and detoxify the body.

   10-14 Spa Treatments – A variety of relaxing and enjoyable spa treatments give you that sense of relaxation that eliminates tension and stress.

   Daily Progressive Yoga and Meditation – Trainered staff engagement in yoga and meditations helps bring you more in touch with your spirituality and develop mindfulness to address upcoming challenges.

This is one of many different options for cleansing retreats. We also have our weekend cleanse retreats and Ayurvedic weight management program, combining cleansing with exercise and calorie control.


Different Cleansing Retreats – Each a Great Experience

Every cleansing retreat addresses detoxification and relaxation differently. However, the idea is the same throughout – to eliminate toxins in your body so that you feel alert, energized, and in many ways like a new person. It is to give you that restart that so many people need to feel more vibrant, energetic, and calm, able to work and play at your peak capacity and be ready to give all of your energy to any task you undertake.

 This article originally appeared on the Art of Living Retreat Center’s Website.

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