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a close up of a logoIndia is intoxicating and intimidating — with its teeming markets, crumbling old fortresses, quaint hill-stations, baking deserts, stunning coastlines, rain-soaked jungles, Taj Mahal, et al. Remarkable and colourful, India offers numerous journeys through time, cultures, languages, cuisines, and customs. From the Himalayas in Ladakh to Kerala’s shores, India is spectacularly diverse, obscenely humongous, and deliriously pulsating. Explore this unique place on our adventure trekking tours in India!

“Bewildering and brilliant – a subcontinent of colour, spice, and contradictions.”- Rough Guides


  • Trekking is a wellness activity involving detoxifying through perspiration, calming the mind, and eating healthy.
  • Our trekking chefs use superfood ingredients to give our trekkers much-needed nourishment after a rigorous day of hiking.
  • Our wellness meals help to strengthen the immune system.
  • We pride ourselves on providing the healthiest and most variety of food on our trekking vacations in the Himalayas.