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Our Team

Rajesh Kumar Tamang

Founder and Chief Experience Officer

Raj Tamang

The man behind the inspiration. Rajesh Kumar Tamang ( Raj ) has been leading treks/tours and adventure holidays since 1988. He specializes in treks throughout the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. He has been involved in local charities for many years and has great love and passion for his country and job. In 2003, he became the liaison officer for the Royal Marines expedition of Everest in Tibet and even coordinated a wedding for an officer at base camp. He has led many high altitude training camps for expedition groups who want to go that extra mile and love leading small trekking groups on holiday. He has great respect for the world around him and enjoys sharing his knowledge and amusing others’ experiences.

Raj was born in Singapore to Nepalese parents. He spent his childhood and was educated there till 1988. His father was with the Singapore Police Gurkhas, and upon his retirement in 1988, the family returned to their native land: Nepal. With learning from his family background and the education he received, the return home was an opportunity to place his aspirations: to be with his people.

In the past thirty-two years, he has gained valuable working experience, from Tour Consultant for World Travels (Nepal) to trek leader for World Expeditions, an Australian Company. He has also traveled extensively in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Tibet, India, Bhutan, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, and Austria. He is multilingual and speaks fluent Nepali, English, Hindi, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Hokkien (a Chinese Dialect), and Thai. He is also capable of getting by in several other languages.

In 1991, he joined International Trekkers (Nepal) as a Sirdar. This was one of his most valuable experiences. For the next five years, he trekked all over the Himalayan region – Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan – learning more about the area and roots. He learned how to run treks for small to large teams and prepare for the future.

In 1996, he left International Trekkers to work as a freelance leader until 2000. Since then, he has continued to work as an independent trek leader, as well as working as a trek leader for Explore Worldwide and Imaginative Traveler, both UK based firms. The past three decades of hard work have helped him develop a good understanding of international trekkers’ needs. He now provides unparalleled experiences in the Himalayas for his clients.

He started Responsible Adventures in 2006. It is a boutique adventure travel company that welcomes Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – DEI. 

We extend our hands in ally-ship to the

  • LGBTQ+
  • Blacks
  • Minorities
  • Ethnic or tribal communities.

Yusha Pun

Yoga Instructor

Yusha Pun

Yusha Pun is one of our versatile team members.

She is a free-willed seeker on a spiritual quest. She has a background in art and photography. She used to be a fashion photographer for a Nepalese magazine.

She is keen on finding out about local traditions, cultures, and practices in depth. She has led many photography tours and trekking holidays.

Her newfound passion is Yoga. Ever since she discovered yoga, she knew that it was her calling and followed the path with a deep spiritual drive by practicing it regularly.

In recent years she has started practicing Ashtanga Primary series and is a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa instructor. She got her certification from Satchidananda Ashtanga Yog Shala in Mysore.

She is a compassionate and accommodating yoga instructor.

Chandra Bahadur Rai

Trekking Guide – Chef

Chandra Bahadur Rai

Chandra Bahadur Rai was born in a remote village in the Everest region. He started his trekking career as a porter. His dedication to work has now made him a Trekking Chef.

His culinary skills and presence are a delight to many of our repeat trekking clients. He has been working with Responsible Adventures for ten years. Before working for Responsible Adventures, Chandra had worked in a similar capacity for five years. His main goals are to learn new culinary dishes, give satisfying experiences to our guests, and to be a good provider for his family.

He has trekked in the following regions:

Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Mt. Kailash in Tibet, Ladakh and Sikkim Regions in India 

Chandra Rai says:

“I am so fortunate to be a part of a team that has a lot of enthusiasm and passion for learning new things and for serving our valued trekkers with pride. This keenness begins right from the top – our Founder, Raj is constantly teaching us about better nourishment, quality meals on treks, and being better human beings. Our whole team feels privileged to be part of the Responsible Adventures family.”

Dil Bahadur Waiba

Trekking Chef


Dil was born in Budha Khani village of Kavre Palanchok district. He was born in a farming family and had to quit school after only studying for four years to support his family. Dil started trekking in the year 2000 as a porter for one of Nepal’s pioneer trekking agencies. He got promoted to being a Sirdar after ten years at that company. Dil was introduced to Responsible Adventures by Chandra Rai.

Dil is one of our pioneer trekking chefs. He has trekked extensively in Nepal’s Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Upper Mustang, Annapurna, Langtang, and Helambu regions. He has also been trekking in various places of Ladakh since 2005. He joined our team in September 2011.

This is what Dil has to say about his experiences while working for RA:

Namaste, I am so honored to be part of this excellent team, which is more like a family. There is so much mutual respect amongst us all for each other and pride in our work. Our boss, Raj, is so down to earth, humble yet his enthusiasm and energy to teach us new dishes never cease to amaze me. Our team is so fortunate to have a mentor like him.

I had difficulties learning the new dishes initially, but after being patiently taught by Raj personally, it comes easily to me. I now love preparing delicious, nourishing, and healthy dishes for our trekkers, which I love eating myself too. Thai food and gluten-free waffles with goji berries (the latest addition) are my favorites. I look forward to learning more dishes using superfood so our trekkers can reach their high altitude destinations with relative ease.

Looking forward to taking you on your Himalayan Hiking vacations

Sundar Rai

Trekking Chef

Sundar Rai

Sundar Rai was born in a remote village of Namlung, Gudel V.D.C, in the Solu Khumbu ( Everest region ) district in 1985. He only managed to attend till year 7 in school due to poverty. He had to quit school to support his family. He started working for a medium-sized company by basing himself at Lukla in the Everest region at the tender age of 16. He started working as an assistant guide for this company and was later promoted to a cook for camping treks.

Sundar started working for Responsible Adventures from 2008. He is now a trekking chef for our organization. Since joining our company, he has trekked in the Everest, Manaslu, Annapurna, Makalu, and Upper Dolpo regions of Nepal. He will be trekking in Ladakh of Jammu and Kashmir state in India from the summer of 2019.

Yogacharya Deependra Bhatt

Yoga InstructorYogacharya Deependra Bhatt

Since childhood, Deependra saw his home as a center of spiritual talk. He used to imitate his Grandfather practicing pranayama in the lotus position and other Asanas. His uncle was the second teacher of Yoga for him. He was very strict while making them practice difficult Asanas.

While everyone was planning their careers, Deependra could not decide his passion after completing his MBA.

He started inviting Gurus from India to hold Yoga camps. We joined Swami Ramdev when he came to Kathmandu to raise awareness of the benefits of Yoga. He is responsible for creating public awareness in South Asia, if not the entire earth.  He was the secretary of the central committee of Patanjali Yogpeeth (PYP). He volunteered for ten years teaching this form of yoga all over Nepal and successfully formed Yoga committees in all the 77 districts of Nepal.

He was awarded a scholarship for a Master’s degree in Yoga Science from Haridwar, India; 2012-2014 in exchange for his dedicated services in Nepal.

He also worked for the Department of Research on Yoga Philosophy in Haridwar. He researched and collected ancient yoga scriptures from the Archaeological Department of Nepal in Kathmandu.  In doing this, he received a deeper understanding of Yoga. He is now living his dream as a Yogi these days.