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About Responsible Adventures

Responsible Adventures is an ecological trekking organization designed to improve, protect and preserve the environment of the Himalayan mountain ranges. An organization for the 21st century, we are leaders in the organization of ecological mountain treks. Responsible Adventures was created and developed by a group of young, environmentally and culturally conscious, former Trek leaders with more than 28 years of experience each, in leading treks throughout the Himalayas, the Alps, Australia, and the Rockies. All of the founding team members worked for some of the most prominent and reputed adventure travel companies throughout their professional careers.

All employees of Responsible Adventures have many years of trekking and mountaineering experience, and actively promote the protection and ecological use of the fragile environment of the Himalayas. The Himalayas is home to most of our team, and they wish to share its natural beauty and culture, with trekkers and other guests. We strive to instil respect for these sacred mountain ranges while helping to preserve their historic surroundings, people, and culture. We aim to make a difference.

Why are Responsible Adventures different?

Responsible Adventures is among the first trekking companies to design eco-friendly treks in the Himalayas. All refuse to result from the treks are ecologically disposed of or pact-returned to centers, where it can be adequately dealt with. Biodegradable rubbish is burned to facilitate quick disintegration. Plastics and other synthetic materials are returned to base for recycling. We request each trekker to ensure that this practice is strictly observed.

We also believe in the just treatment of all our employees. We actively work on abolishing the mistreatment and ill payment of Trek leaders, local guides, and porters. Our employees are assured proper wages, as well as receiving benefits that are among the best in the Himalayas. Sharing bonuses and profits among all employees is one of the many vital aspects of Responsible Adventures’ policies.

We invite open-minded and perceptive people to feel the Buddha within while trekking from lush tropical forests to the arid high plateaus. Rise above the earthly pleasures and perceive the beauty of nature while hiking past steep monastic walls, across high passes, and into thin air. Experience the openness, the connection between man and nature, which is only available in the lofty heights of the Himalayas.

Responsible Adventures’ Mission

To share the essence of the Himalayas – its vastness, timelessness, culture, and humanity — and to provide our customers with the highest quality travel experience available in this extraordinary part of the world.

Responsible Adventures’ Commitment

To enchant our customers and exceed their expectations.

Responsible Adventures’ Guarantee

To provide our customers with a successful and adventurous journey. If our clients are unsatisfied with any aspect/element of the trip within our control, we’ll do everything possible to make it right for them.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Adventures is committed to responsible tourism, through its policies and practices which permeate all aspects of its business. The company’s plans aim to ensure that Responsible Adventures and its clients act in a way which is social, environmentally and culturally sound. We feel strongly that all our holidays should benefit the local communities, protect the environment by minimizing pollution and respect local traditions, religion, and heritage. We tread lightly – low volume, low impact trekking/touring is the best way of preserving the beautiful and fragile places we visit.

Responsible Adventures is an adventure travel company with a real difference. We cater for all ages and group sizes, ranging from family trekking holidays to school educational trips to Corporate Social Responsibility treks. We also provide customized itineraries tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Be assured of an upgraded service with the utmost attention to detail; a step above from a traditional adventure holiday. Our team has many years’ experience and are highly trained by our founder Raj Tamang.

Responsible Adventures has four key responsibilities.

  • Customer
  • Employees
  • Charity
  • Profit

Our customers are of the utmost importance to us, and we make sure they get the treatment they deserve. Every detail, no matter how small, receives our full attention on every trip, to ensure our customers experience an exciting and breathtaking holiday. We may even throw in a few surprises along the way!


Responsible Adventures has a committed fair-trade approach; we pay all our staff a generous wage to help improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. We have always said our friendly employees are our biggest asset, as we firmly believe that our happy staff is one of the many reasons we have so many satisfied customers. We value our team very highly, and every happy porter, talented support crew members, and expert Trek leaders have been handpicked and thoroughly trained by us. Our approach and attitude towards our employees mean that we can handpick the best from the burgeoning group of porters and Sherpas who are eager to work with us, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled trekking service in the Himalayas.


We have been associated with some local charities for many years, and a percentage of the tour costs we receive go directly towards helping these charities. There may even be an opportunity to visit the places benefitting from this association during the trips, to see how the tour contributions make a difference.


Our main aim is to help improve the quality of life for the people in and around Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India. With your help, we are committed to making a difference here, and profits are last on our agenda.

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