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Luxury Camping treks in the Nepal Himalaya- Off the beaten path.

Luxury Camping treks in the Nepal Himalayas.

Camping is the original and classic style of Himalayan Trekking. Early explorers and mountaineers were fully supported by a trek leader, guide assistants, cooks, and kitchen helpers. All equipment, cooking utensils, fuel, and food are carried as the routes take you to remote areas where even necessary provisions might not be available or even away from human settlements. 

While it might seem daunting to carry several weeks’ worth of food, tents, and other paraphernalia, there is nothing to fear as robust porters (or in some cases, yaks or mules) carry the trekking gear, hauling up food, fuel, utensils, and trekkers’ personal kit. All one needs to take is a light day pack with simple necessities.

Our trekking team does the rest: setting and breaking camp, preparing meals, and purchasing fresh food along the trail wherever possible. We provide toilet and shower tents and even heaters for the dining tent. Camping in the Himalayas is definitely a comfortable experience. It is also a much-needed means of earning a living for hill people engaged as our local porters.

What makes this classic style of trek exceptional as managed by Responsible Adventures? 

  • Our Expert trek leader will enhance your trekking experience, being a mine of local information, a guide, a mentor, and someone you can confide in.
  • The freedom to explore the remoter parts of the high Himalayas away from the regular trails in your private social bubble
  • Experience authentic Nepal and the warmth of genuine Himalayan hospitality, care, and friendliness
  • Our trekking chef’s varied meals are cooked personally for you using healthy, fresh, and unique ingredients for your cuisine choice.

A Typical Day on a Luxury Camping Trek:

The day starts around six a.m; with a cup of hot herbal tea following Ayurveda’s practices (the ancient herbal medicine system of the sub-continent established over 6000 years ago – Ayur – Veda means the science of wellbeing from Sanskrit) brought to your tent as your wake up call. This ayurvedic infusion contains ingredients with properties that energize you for most of the day, and it also works as an anti-inflammatory while cutting down your LDL cholesterol. 

This follows with a bowl of hot water for your morning wash, traditionally known as ‘shaving water’ irrespective of gender! Then, while you finish packing up your main bag, one of our cooks will be grinding local organic coffee beans to be brewed for your breakfast.

A fine breakfast spread will be on the table, ready for you: porridge, toast, eggs, pancakes, and local tea or fresh coffee. During breakfast, the staff will pack the tents (which is why you pack your bags before breakfast). Your leader will also remind you of the day’s route to help you enjoy what lies ahead to the fullest. Then, you can enjoy the meal with fantastic views or observe how our crew works with simple rhythm and efficiency.


After breakfast at 7.30 – 8 o’clock, everyone should be ready to start walking. This is early to take advantage of the cooler morning when walking is easiest; also, the morning air is very clear, allowing a better view of the mountains than at other times of the day.

Porters or pack animals carry all personal belongings as well as all the camping equipment and ration. Everyone walks at their own pace, and the group soon spreads along the trail. There is plenty of time to enjoy the views, meet local people, take photos, and enjoy flora and fauna. Even though you are in a group, you can walk at your own pace as our guides will consistently be spaced out, allowing one at the head and one bringing up the rear of the caravan as well as another in between. It is important to remember that this is not an assault course or a test of masculinity! This is a time to enjoy nature and relax.

Himalayan Trekking, akin to most mountain peoples’ travel mode, is a gentle and steady pace. On the trek, the tortoise always wins, not the hare.

You will observe that the kitchen crew you left behind after breakfast will ‘zoom’ past after cleaning up and forging ahead with a cheery wave and ‘Namaste’ to prepare your lunch en route while you walk at a steadier pace. Your trek leader and his team will guide you as to the pace as they know the course ahead and the terrain – should there be any steep climbs or descents. Reaching a scenic spot, you will find lunch ready for you. Our lunches generally consist of a salad, starter, main course, and fruits. After lunch, there will be some time to relax or explore.

The afternoon trek ends around 3 pm. You will recognize your stop for the day by spotting your tents set up by your trek crew in a charming location chosen for views or local attractions.

We provide you with comfortable three-person tents to be shared between 2 trekkers, ensuring you have space. You will also have a dining tent, kitchen, and toilet tent. This will be pitched away from any water source and the main campsite for hygiene and environmental safety. Did we mention the portable toilet seat, oh and the shower tent? This is comfortable travel, Himalayan style!

The kitchen crew will soon serve tea, coffee, and biscuits. We often camp near villages, a walk to the village or the inn will provide some interaction with the locals. Later on, you have the time to read a book or explore the surrounding area. 


Dinner is served around six to six-thirty pm, early for many, but after a good day of walking, everyone will be hungry – on the trek, the philosophy is ‘early to be, early to rise.’. Your chef and kitchen crew are well trained in hygienic food preparation.

We pride ourselves on serving the healthiest and most varied meals in all of the Himalayas.

The evenings are spent in the dining tent playing card games, sharing the day’s highlights, and having a few drinks and jokes. Your Sirdar will inform you of the next day’s program.

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You will have a comfy 4-inch foam mattress to sleep on. If you have brought an excellent sleeping bag, you can even sleep in the ‘million-star hotel’. You might spot shooting stars and satellites gliding by. Your trek staff will happily provide a hot-water bottle for your sleeping bag. 

So the day closes, and a good night’s sleep lies ahead.

Some steps we take to reduce your and our carbon footprint.

  • We use the Sawyer 0.1 micron water filter to provide safe drinking water to our customers. 
  • We use the nonelectrical jug to provide you with alkaline drinking water.
  • We evaluate our customers’ impacts and team feedback while creating awareness through positive examples and success stories between our guests and crew.
  • We provide you with non-dairy milk.

Our team makes sure that all rubbish produced by us while catering for you are carried out as part of our “Leave No Trace” values. We preach and practice “Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints” ethics.

Special Offer for Covid-19 Frontline workers