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Upper Mustang Trek Wellness Tour

Key Information

Per Person Min 4 persons
Private Tour Min 2 people

Book this Nepal trek and get a complimentary one hour Trekker’s’ massage after the trek is over. The masseuses will be from a marginalized community. This is part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Visit the Last Forbidden Kingdom, Upper Mustang

The Upper Mustang region, often called the Last Forbidden Kingdom, is an extraordinary and captivating area in Nepal’s trans-Himalayan region, located north of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. This region is characterised by its arid and desert-like environment, adorned with striking and vibrant rock formations.

To embark on this remarkable adventure, your journey commences with a flight into Jomsom, a picturesque town in the Kali Gandaki valley, known for being the deepest ravine in the world. As you venture north from Kagbeni, you pass into the restricted Upper Mustang region, where the influence of Tibetan culture is prevalent. Here, you will encounter ancient villages with centuries-old monasteries that stand as testaments to the area’s rich heritage.

It is worth noting that access to the Upper Mustang region was only granted to trekkers in 1992, and even today, the number of visitors allowed each year remains limited. As a result, Upper Mustang has retained its pristine and traditional Tibetan cultural practices.

The Upper Mustang Trek is carefully crafted to offer a unique experience, avoiding the main “highway” between Jomsom and Lo Manthang. Nevertheless, it encompasses the region’s most significant points of interest. The trek combines trekking and driving to cover a greater distance and save time. Additionally, for those who prefer not to hike, we offer the option for “non-trekking” clients to travel in jeeps (additional cost applies), following the same itinerary as the trekkers. Notably, the driving segments on this route are relatively short.

We invite you to join us on the Upper Mustang Trek, where you can witness the untouched beauty of this incredible region and immerse yourself in the majestic Tibetan culture that permeates its unique character. This journey offers an opportunity to create lasting memories as you explore this extraordinary, restricted corner of Nepal.

Food and nutrition on the trek

We are pioneers in gastronome trekking in the Himalayas. We provide a varied, exciting menu on treks throughout the Himalayas. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meals can be catered for upon request, and other special diets can be accommodated with advance notice.

Trekking is not only fun, but it is beneficial for you. It helps in detoxifying the body while also nourishing the soul. Although to provide a better experience, we also tailor our meals to include superfoods as ingredients to keep you fit and healthy while assisting in acclimatisation to high altitudes. Combining hiking in the pristine mountain air and healthy food makes trekking with us a complete culinary adventure. Read More on Food and nutrition on our treks.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our expert trek leader will ensure your safety while enhancing your trekking experience.
  • Your private social bubble by staying in less busy lodges and trekking away from the crowded trails where possible.
  • Experience the Himalayas in style.
  • Your food is prepared with superfood ingredients to give the best nourishment, recovery, and acclimatisation to high altitudes for our Wellness gourmet trekking adventures.

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