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The Hidden Kingdom Trek

Key Information

Per Person Min 4 persons
Private Tour Min 2 persons

Spend 26 days discovering Bhutan

The Hidden Kingdom trek is one of our most extended Bhutanese treks, which we have been successfully running every year since 1988. On this trek, you experience everything from the fantastic mountain ranges in the Himalayas to charming villages, monasteries, and fortresses, all in a culturally unique area unlike any other in the Himalayas.

The trek starts from Paro, where we set off towards the Tibetan border into the Bhutanese Mountains’ northwestern corner. It takes us beneath Bhutan’s second-highest mountain, Chomolhari (7314 m), and Jichu Drake (6858 m), first climbed during a British-Indian expedition in 1988. During the trek, you may see bears, eagles, herds of ‘blue sheep,’ and what the locals call a ‘Dredmo,’ the elusive Yeti — a large, hairy, man-like creature who roams the nearby hillsides.

On the first day and a half of the trek, we pass through many subalpine and semi-tropical forests, where we see a wealth of plants, flowers, and wide varieties of small birds. As we travel further, the main villages in the area are Gasa, Laya, and Lingshi, occupied by the mountain tribes dressed in yak wool and conical bamboo hats.

To reach the Hidden Kingdom, we cross many passes up to a staggering 5,000 m high and travel over 150 miles. However, we have many appropriate intervals and rest days during the trip, including a stay near Gasa’s hot springs. The Hidden Kingdom trek has proved to be very popular throughout the years and is undoubtedly one of the most memorable trips throughout the Himalayas.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our expert trek leader will ensure your safety while enhancing your trekking experience.
  • Your private social bubble by staying in less busy lodges and trekking away from the crowded trails where possible.
  • Experience the lovely landscape and people