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Ten benefits of using trekking poles

Ten benefits of using Trekking Poles

Ten benefits of using trekking poles

We used to laugh at trekkers using trekking poles in the late 80s and 90s. However, I started using trekking poles in 2004 and have found them extremely helpful. Now I cannot imagine trekking without my hiking poles. I have learned that they are convenient and helpful while on extended treks.

1. Helps in maintaining a constant pace

Getting into a rhythm can help you get past many kilometres with a trekking pole – be it on relatively easy or demanding terrain. After a few short minutes of starting the trek, one gets into a steady hiking pattern, helping maintain a constant pace. Trekking poles can help add an element to the groove while keeping you focused.

Ten benefits of using Trekking Poles

Ten benefits of using Trekking Poles

2. It provides a boost on ascends.

The legs must work very hard while going uphill for an extended period.

Utilizing the hiking poles can help boost yourself uphill with your arms, and it takes some stress off your leg muscles while giving your arms some exercise. In addition, it can help you save some energy and cover more ground.

3. Save your knees on downhills

Being 193cm in height, the downhills were all right during my younger days. However, I started to have aching knees and sore legs after extended descent when I reached my 40s and started using the poles. It helped tremendously to absorb the continuous pounding my knees had to take on each step. I have learned how to spread the strain to my arms using the poles and ease my joints’ weight. The bars also help with stability on significant steps and steep sections of the trail. 

Ten benefits of using Trekking Poles

Ten benefits of using Trekking Poles

4. Great for balancing on slippery rocks or uneven terrain

Many times, I trekked through muddy, wet, icy trails where I could have been seriously injured without my trusty hiking poles. They have saved me countless times and have prolonged my trekking career.

5. Helpful during river crossings

I call the trekking poles my extended arms or my four-wheel drive. They have been instrumental in crossing streams or rivers to help keep balance and make giant leaps. They are also great for keeping your while wading in swift rivers, proding for shallow parts to get to the other side safely and dry. 

6. Keeping spider webs, prickly bushes and branches, away

Once again, the many uses of trekking poles are to push branches and thorny bushes out of the way while on the trail, especially after the monsoon season, when everything is lush and overgrown. You can even use it to push away spider webs to avoid them getting on you or the nettles from stinging.

7. Checking out a loose rock before stepping onto it

It is not uncommon to come across steps or stones that are unstable and shaky. You can use a pole with some weight to test the step or rock to see if it can take your whole load. This is another situation when the trusty hiking poles come in handy and save you from a potential injury.

Ten benefits of using Trekking Poles

Ten benefits of using Trekking Poles

8. Keeping animals at bay.

When trekking on the popular trails in the Himalayan regions, you will encounter animals such as snakes, rodents, goats, sheep, ponies, mules, and yaks. If you feel threatened or the more giant pack animals are coming too close for comfort, you can use your poles to push them away. Likewise, you can wave your sticks if you come across an aggressive dog in a village or on the trail.

9. For emergency litter or splint construction

You could come across several emergencies when having a sturdy, straight, and light brace can be helpful. The poles can be improvised with lots of padding for splints on broken bones or as support on sprained joints. It can also be used as crutches in case of an injured knee or rolled ankles, and the need to keep weight off it arises until you get proper help.

10. Makeshift tent

You can even use it to set up a makeshift tent using a tarpoline, even when camping is not planned. You can also plant the poles firmly on the ground, tie a string between the two poles, and dry your wet clothes or socks.

These are some practical benefits of using trekking poles when hiking. There are cheap knock-off versions available in Kathmandu. The cheap poles are the draw of luck; some might last you the whole trekking period or be broken within a couple of days (personal experience). I would advise you to invest in sturdy branded trekking poles such as the ones made by Black Diamond or Leki.

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