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If there is a Shangri-La, then it is here, in the Himalayas’ lap, inhabited by the happiest people on Earth. The tiny Kingdom of Bhutan is a magical land of mysticism and mystery. Bhutan certainly lives up to its reputation for blending modernity and tradition seamlessly in a country that believes in low-volume and high-impact tourism. There is much to see, do, and learn here — from the giant phalluses painted on every door to the colourful locals clad in traditional threads, from outrageous archery competitions to spectacular dance festivals, from snow-capped stunning Buddhist gompas to vibrant towns, and from the snow-capped Himalayas to the burgeoning virgin forests, Bhutan captivates and enchants its visitors.

“Whenever anyone asks me what Bhutan is like, I find the best way to describe it is like Narnia: it is so remote, and unlike anywhere else on Earth I’ve visited. And then I implore them to visit before it is too late, before it all inevitably changes.”

– Margot Ragette, wildlife photographer


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  • We pride ourselves on providing the healthiest and most variety of food on our trekking vacations in the Himalayas.