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All of Our Journeys are given a grade to show their relative difficulty. Using our simple grade symbol on each trip page, you can choose your ideal adventure quickly.

Many factors contribute to a particular trip’s difficulty, including the length of the day, terrain, altitude, and weather conditions. Since these factors are necessarily changeable, any system of grades can only provide a general indication. Although we have tried to make our grading system as transparent as possible, it cannot consider your interests, abilities, or experience.
Before booking any of our trips, you should read the associated trip dossier to gain the fullest picture of what it entails. If you have any questions about the nature of a particular trip or its suitability for you, please get in touch with Us.

Activities are optional. None require prior experience or fitness level.

You don’t have to be in excellent physical shape; all you need is the desire to go. You’ll do leisurely sightseeing on foot through cities, towns, monasteries, etc., with optional day hikes as long as three to four hours.

Expect to walk, hike or ride four to five hours a day, although you should be ready for several long, spectacular days on the trail of up to eight hours.

These trips push you, but if you’re in reasonably good physical condition, you can do it. In other words, if you regularly ride a bike, ski, run, or work out in a gym, you will enjoy the rigours of these treks and finish the trip in great shape. Most days are five to six hours but expect occasional days of eight to twelve hours.

You must have previous trekking experience and be prepared for long days in the remote wilderness at elevations above 18,000 feet. Technical climbing on snow and ice may involve camping for several nights in extreme conditions.