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When To Go to Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet

As the largest continent on earth, Asia offers all climates and landforms, and we travel year-round to see its splendours! All of our trips are planned for the time of year best suited to the activities involved and when the most favourable weather conditions can be expected. The chart below summarizes where and when our holidays take place during the year. Please refer to the individual trip pages for specific departure dates.

High seasons for trekking in the Himalayas are pre and post-monsoon, i.e., from January through to June and again from September to the end of December. Spring and autumn are also prime times for most of China.

The Tibetan Plateau of Tibet and Ladakh, India, are superb during their exhilarating summer months from the beginning of June until mid-September.

The winter months from late October through March mark the best time to visit Nepal, Bhutan, and India’s areas south of the Himalayas. How about spending Christmas in the Annapurna or Everest region?