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World Adventure Society


World Adventure Society (WAS) is a non-profit organization. WAS engages people who love adventure and are willing to cooperate for a good cause on a volunteer basis. WAS works autonomously through its in-country ambassadors. Raj Tamang of Responsible Adventures became WAS ambassador for Nepal in June 2016.

As a WAS member, Raj’s responsibilities are as follows.

  • Represent WAS in Nepal and any international opportunity where he may be engaged.
  • Help WAS find additional ambassadors in other countries and Nepal to collaborate on their missions.
  • Search and gather information/content about adventure, nature, travel, backpacking, outdoor activities, and any other experience-related topic to share with WAS so this content could reach the adventure community through our communication channels and also through our partner’s channels as well.
  • Share selected content directly on our channels, i.e., our Facebook page, group, website, and any other means that may become available anytime in the future.
  • Help WAS build partnerships with events, fairs, trade people, institutions, companies, etc.
  • Advice WAS to organize any international mission or task in your country or any other as long as you wish to engage.
  • Get in touch with the maximum number of people involved in any adventure-related activity in his region to share experiences and knowledge.
  • Other tasks and responsibilities may happen in line with WAS’s primary objectives.
  • Spread WAS to the world!

WAS seeks core values in its ambassadors to be respectful, kind, comprehensive, and collaborative. It is also mindful of the environmental and social impacts of its adventure activities and pursuits.

It is important to note that WAS will also operate as an Adventure Club, with members paying an annual fee to be part of an Advantage Program. As a result, they can use our partner’s network to buy cheaper, find differentiated adventure opportunities, travel smarter, and so on …