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I’m Rajesh Kumar Tamang; first of all, call me Raj. I am an Artisan of Boutique Adventure Travel in the Himalayas.

I may be biased, but I am the rarest trekking guides who go above and beyond the “status quo” of Himalayan trekking in Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh, Sikkim, Darjeeling, India, and Tibet. I’ve been leading tours throughout the Himalayas since 1988. I have extensive knowledge of local traditions, cultures, and religious life and greatly respect the area. I’m an English-speaking guide, and I’m fluent in both Western and Himalayan cultures. I love the place and sharing my passion with the broader world.

I’m dedicated to sharing the culture and the environment with my clients, but I do it a little differently from how other trekking companies might. I create value-added experiences, pay attention to my client’s needs, and want to leave them feeling beautiful memories of the mountains and the culture and the trek itself.

This is considered I have a high staff-to-client ratio that makes sure your every need is met. I’m also a Wilderness First Responder, which means you will be safe on any journey with me.

Booking me is the closest you will have to concierge service in the Himalayas. You can book me personally as your trek leader for any trips listed on this website for an additional fee and, by doing so, you will receive the best in tour planning and the most exceptional trekking experience you can find anywhere on the planet – guaranteed!

As the founder and CEO of Responsible Adventures, I am committed to actively practising – Responsible Tourism. I firmly believe in Fair Trade’s principles, so it ensures a living wage for all my staff. I was selected to be the Ambassador of the World Adventure Society for Nepal in 2016.

Some things that set me apart from the rest.

  • Arranged a Tibetan wedding at Everest Base Camp in Tibet at an ad-hock moment with little time to plan it.

  • Hosted a former Federal Tourism Minister and a few Ambassadors (the countries not disclosed out of respect for their privacy).
  • I have introduced our clients to some outstanding adventure personalities of Nepal.
  • Taken the CEO of 3 S.E Asian nations for an international bank on a family trek in Nepal.

  • Taken the only person to have performed Indian Classical music at the President of India’s official residence and The Whitehouse on a helicopter tour to Everest base camp.

  • Liaison officer for the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Everest Expedition

  • Taken the Co-CEO of the largest translation company along with his 2 VPs on a helicopter tour of EBC

  • I am the first Ambassador in Asia for the World Adventure Society (WAS).

  • Setting a world record of the most number of Golf Tee-Offs above 5000 meters.

  • Operated the first trek to Mardi Himal and commercial tandem paraglide from High Camp on the Mardi Himal Trek from 3566 meters.

  • Took a founding member of a luxury tour company in New Zealand, which has won multiple global awards (15 currently and counting) on The luxury Everest base camp trek in October 2019.
  • I helped make a world record for a 71-year-old Singaporean with three golf tee-offs above 5000 meters on the Everest base camp trek in December 2019. Read the article
  • Provided logistics for an International Movie shoot in remote part of Nepal’s Himalayas.

I have started a boutique adventure travel company that welcomes Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – DEI. 

My team and I extend our hands in ally-ship to the

  • LGBTQ+
  • People of all races and nationalities
  • Minorities
  • Ethnic or tribal communities.

Check out our Trekking packages for Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet.