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Work, work, work – that’s what you do to get yourself to the Himalayas to enjoy a fantastic experience. A vacation or holiday in the Himalayas is not worth skimping on. When it comes to tourism in Nepal, it’s a battle to the bottom concerning price. But what goes down with the price goes down with quality. We offer mid-range, luxury and ultra-luxury packages. We want to keep you safe, nourished, and full of life as you journey through the Himalayas, so you take away only the best experiences possible.

If Nepal, Bhutan, India, or Tibet, we will provide you with the best we can give. Our founder has handpicked and trained all team members, and our employees are passionate and dedicated to their profession. Our focus is on combining excellent logistical preparation with friendly, skilled leaders and guides to offer you trekking tours better than the rest. Our reputation is based on the number of well-run trekking adventures we have organized. It has also been proven by the number of clients returning to us!


To help you choose the suitable adventure, we use a comprehensive grading system for each trip to identify its difficulty and provide a ‘when to go’ chart highlighting the best time of year to visit your chosen destination. The itinerary design makes a big difference to your experiences in any country, and it must be planned thoroughly to make the most of your trip. Our journeys are carefully designed to take in all the very best treks and attractions of your chosen destination.

Responsible Adventures makes sure that all trips are set at an appropriate pace, accommodation is charming and well-located, and our trekkers enjoy introductions to local people. In addition, we offer opportunities to explore hidden villages, secret footpaths, and unique little cafes – all those locations that only an ‘insider’ could know.


Our area managers are specialists. They pride themselves on answering all your questions and choosing the right trip for you. The area manager assigned to you is your single point of contact, taking care of everything from your trip details to providing you with necessary information about clothing, visas, and any required immunisations you may need for your chosen destination. In addition, we provide you with daily itineraries for each trip, containing helpful information to help you prepare. We will even offer a reading list to spark your imagination in preparation for the journey ahead.

We take care of every little detail, and all you need to do is pack your bags and set off for the adventure of a lifetime.


Responsible Adventures plays a part in the world’s largest industry – tourism – we are sensitive to the immense impact large amounts of travel can have on the places we visit. We are committed to our environmental responsibility: we provide low-impact tourism and actively support local conservation and cultural groups. We firmly believe that responsible travel can be an extraordinary tool to connect people from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures and support local businesses and communities. Our small group tours are now a maximum of 12 persons.


People who travel with us tend to be active and enthusiastic, sharing a great curiosity about the world around them. But, of course, many people who join our trips are already well-travelled, and some have already completed tours with Responsible Adventures. Still, no matter how much experience they have had, everyone with us is a new one.

We guarantee a friendly atmosphere on the trek and cater to all customers: friends, couples, single people, and families. In addition, our incredible trip leaders add to the nature of our group treks, joining you for evenings full of laughter and lively conversation over a good meal and drinks. At Responsible Adventures, we take pride in the fact that several of our trekkers become lifelong friends.

gosainkunda lake


At Responsible Adventures, we take the utmost care with every aspect of your trip. We consider the trek’s altitude, focus on hygienic food preparation within the camp, and ensure every potential hazard is addressed. We have extensive experience organising treks and holding ourselves to high safety standards (we are practitioners of “Prevention rather than cure,” ensuring that emergencies are infrequent.

Our expert tour leaders are trained in Wilderness First Aid and put your safety first. There is a medical emergency; our tour leaders are fully qualified to provide primary care until the client is transported to a medical facility.


Even though some of our trips go to very remote places and occasionally include camping, we make sure you enjoy plenty of home comforts. Camp staff are always available on the camping treks, with camp amenities like dining tents and hot Ayurvedic drinks brought to you. Extra snacks are provided during walks, and meals are enhanced with superfoods and ingredients to provide optimum nutrition. Our attention to detail is just one factor that makes us different from other tour providers.


Our chefs are trained to use holistic ingredients and superfoods such as coconut oil, nuts, chia, and flax seeds to give you nourishing meals for optimum performance and health during your journey. We ensure you have a healthy start to each day by providing you with a herbal drink, including ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, eliminating free radicals and energising you for a good part of the day. Eating healthy and nourishing meals gives you a better chance of recovering from tiredness, helping you acclimatise to high altitude. We pride ourselves on providing the most varied and healthiest meals on treks in the Himalayas.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – DEI. 

We extend our hands in ally-ship to the

  • LGBTQ+
  • Blacks
  • Minorities
  • Ethnic or tribal communities.




If you share a love for the mountains and remote places and want to achieve your travel goals in an environment with an incredibly dedicated team, we would welcome you to join Responsible Adventures. Trekking is a wonderfully relaxing and healthy pursuit, allowing you to make friends with like-minded people and interact with locals, who will often invite you into their homes for yak butter tea or chang (barley beer). Himalayan natives are caring, generous, and often display a flair for mischievous humour – time in their company is usually one of the fondest memories you will take back home.

Our clients have a passion for the great outdoors, and we ensure that the mountain environment is the same when you leave as it was for hundreds of years. When all the conditions are favourable, each group member will reach their destination’s height, returning home enriched by a journey of self-discovery with lifelong memories.

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