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Humla Region

Located in the northwest corner of Nepal on the border with Tibet, the district of Humla is seen by some as one of Nepal’s hidden gems and by others as a poverty-stricken and food insecure area in need of development. However, the area is home to rich cultural and ecological diversity and has significant ties with two sacred pilgrimage sites: Mount Kailas (aka Kang Rinpoche/Tise) and Lake Manasarovar.

The area located in the northwest part of the district, known as Limi Valley, has solid cultural ties to Tibet. Some scholars have suggested that Limi Valley has retained some aspects of earlier Tibetan cultural beliefs and religious practices, which have primarily vanished from Tibet due to Han Chinese cultural policies.
Trekking was allowed to tourists in the mid-1990s with special restricted area permits. As a result, Humla has been the gateway to Mount Kailash in Tibet. It is bustling with tourists, primarily Indian Pilgrims, to Kailash during summer.


However, the trekking packages we offer in Humla are only partially part of the main tourist trail.