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Humla Region

Situated in northwest Nepal, bordering Tibet, Humla district is often considered both a hidden treasure and a region needing development. Despite challenges, it holds diverse cultural and ecological wealth linked to revered sites like Mount Kailas and Lake Manasarovar.

Within this district, Limi Valley retains deep Tibetan cultural roots, preserving older beliefs lost in Tibet. Trekking, permitted in the mid-1990s via restricted areas, permitted pathways to Mount Kailash in Tibet to be opened, bustling with Indian pilgrims.

Our trekking packages in Humla offer a unique, offbeat experience, diverging from the main tourist routes.

Embark on a trek along the ancient route, an expedition that intertwines the Himalayas’ culture, history, and grandeur. Trek from Nepal to China’s border, navigating the Nara Lagna at 4,620 meters and the soaring Nyalu La at 4,900 meters. This journey unveils breathtaking panoramas of the majestic Himalayas, offering an unforgettable odyssey through rich traditions and awe-inspiring landscapes.