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Luxury Tours in Nepal

Touring in Nepal

We have hand-crafted our deluxe tours artisanally. The attention to minute details is unparalleled in providing exceptional experiences to our esteemed guests.
  • We use small boutique hotels with 12 to 50 rooms. These hotels are tastefully constructed and an oasis of their rights.
  • We have handpicked many beautiful properties full of character for our esteemed guests.
  • All our tours are escorted by expert tour leaders who are knowledgeable and very personable.
  • We strongly believe a great tour leader has a massive part in making your vacation an experience of a lifetime.
  • We either include or provide enhancement options for unique experiences-quite, a few of which are Innovated by us.
  • We also offer tours away from the “bucket list” areas; you might be the only ones in those places.

The Mani Rimdu Festival holds significant cultural and religious importance for the Sherpa people, who are part of the Nying-Mapa sect of Tibetan Buddhists. This renowned festival is celebrated annually and showcases the Sherpa community’s unique traditions, rituals, and beliefs. It usually takes place at the Tengboche Monastery in the Khumbu region of Nepal amidst breathtaking Himalayan landscapes.