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There is a shift on attention from beauty and pampering to health and wellness inside the world of the luxury spa. Let us take a look at the reasons behind this move and some of the most exciting properties that are at the forefront of the luxury wellness and spa trend in Nepal.

It is all about making oneself feel better from within and accelerating the release of toxins. Lots of research is being conducted as well as training of appropriate staff to adopt a philosophy, whether it is raw food, macrobiotics, or Ayurveda, and apply it.

What can our guests hope to take with them after a short break of a week or two at a luxury wellness destination? The knowledge of fitness, nutritional advice, and meditation are some of the tools you can continue to use in your daily life; using it as much or as little as you want.

Learn about the holistic lifestyle and a recognition that we can have a tremendous impact on our lifestyle. It also affects our wellbeing and the state of our health through lifestyle and prevention, with prevention being the key.