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Remote trekking in Nepal

There are many undiscovered remote trekking routes in Nepal. Most people are only aware of the popular regions Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang. There are areas in Nepal that are not known to adventure tourists because they do not have ‘tea houses’ or ‘lodges,’ or adventure tour operators do not promote these areas. We truly provide the best-secluded trekking vacations in non-touristic parts of Nepal and the Himalayas.

To keep these places pristine and unspoiled, we will keep the names of the places we will be camping at a low profile. These treks bring you to locations where only a handful of tourists have visited. It is most likely because their guides are from those areas. We will operate these treks will be in a ‘luxurious’ expedition-style camping trek. We provide all camping equipment, porterage or pack animals, trek leader, assistant guides, a trekking chef, and helpers. We will give three-person tents for every two trekkers, a dining tent, a toilet tent along with a portable toilet seat, shower tent, like on all our treks. We will be giving you the best service that is available in the whole of the Himalayas.

Trip Highlights:

  • Off the grid trekking – a non-touristy area
  • Unspoiled villages of authentic Nepal
  • Socially distanced trekking adventure away from the crowds
  • Witness fading traditions and cultures
  • Expedition style Camping – the closest to glamping in the Himalayas

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