Are you looking to partner up with a reliable Trekking company to partner within the Himalayas?

You can rest assured that when you choose Responsible Adventures, you will be working with a proven leader in small-group adventure travel in the Himalayas. Your clients will love their unforgettable experiences with us.

Here at Responsible Adventures, we consider more than itineraries. We believe in our client’s wellness and weave it into every journey, and we also realize our trekkers want something different.

Trained by myself, the chefs are well-versed in using superfoods throughout their menus to better nourish and sustain our clients as they exert themselves on their treks. While these foods nourish and satisfy, they also benefit our clients exponentially when it comes to altitude.

We have a holistic menu, so from dawn until dusk, our clients are getting the best quality ingredients in imaginative and delicious dishes. While we were the first company to provide our trekkers with freshly ground coffee, we also give them an energizing, anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic drink to maintain them throughout their excursion. We also can serve lactose-free and gluten-free menus for those who need them.

While we provide plenty of superfoods and have the capacity to cater to all of these diets, we do not sacrifice flavor. The food on our menus are not just diverse and healthy, but also comforting – precisely what trekkers need after a day’s strenuous trekking. We take our clients’ well-being very seriously at Responsible Adventures.

More obviously, we consider their experience too. We understand our clients are looking for something a little different, so we always look for memorable experiences for them. We recently took some repeat customers to attend a traditional wedding in remote Nepal. Entirely off the beaten path, it was the wedding of our members of staff. Part of the proceeds paid to the company went directly to the wedding party to help with expenses, and the entire experience was worlds away from what a traditional trekking party might expect.

It’s only natural, and often expected, that our clients fall in love with the various regions of the Himalayas we take them to. The aforementioned area is from where much of Responsible Adventures’ staff hail, about three days hike from Lukla – where Everest treks begin and end. Not only do the sights make our trekkers swoon, but they fall in love with the local Rai and Sherpa culture. While the Sherpas seem to be underprivileged, they are actually among the most “well-off” in the area. While they may benefit from sponsorship from individuals, many other people need help more.

We know who really needs help, and can provide treks with a philanthropic twist, both for private treks or corporate itineraries. Whether it be helping to bring electricity to the homes of low-income families, sponsoring underprivileged girls to further their education or generally empower women in rural Nepal, we have the ability to identify real needs and help clients alleviate those struggles.

We are confident that even if you add a margin between 30-50% on top of our website prices, our services will justify the cost. We can further upgrade the services and accommodations according to the needs of the clients.


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