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Are you looking to partner with a reliable Trekking company within the Himalayas?

Responsible Adventures is an innovative, ecological trekking organization offering wellness adventure tours, Mobile Glamping treks, and custom-designed luxury packages in Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet.

Our knowledgeable team provides high-quality, off-the-beaten-path experiences to discover authentic Himalayan cultures, scenery, and popular treks while protecting and preserving the Himalayan mountain ranges’ environment.

Target Customers

Responsible Adventures caters to diverse groups of all ages, ethnicities, and group sizes with its wide range of trip packages. Target customers are hard-working people who reward themselves by seeking unique experiences on their vacation. They are aware of wellness or willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle. They are looking to go to popular destinations yet avoid the masses and experience the local way of life by visiting unspoiled parts of the country – keeping it intact. They have an open mind to take back transformational lessons learned from the communities they visit.

Services Offered

Responsible Adventures considers more than itineraries. We believe in our clients’ wellness and weave that into every journey because our trekkers want something different. From the famous Everest Base Camp to India’s Markha Valley and magnificent mountains in Bhutan and Tibet, Responsible Adventures’ trekking excursions immerse guests in the world’s local culture and fascinating history’s most remote, untouched regions. Trips include rugged boutique camping adventures, luxury eco-lodge stays, yoga and wellness retreats, helicopter sightseeing flights, and more.

All trips are fully escorted by articulate, intelligent, and fun-loving people who will make the experience epic with memories to last a lifetime. In addition, the trekking chefs provide the most variety of cuisines and, more importantly, the healthiest meals served on trekking vacations in the Himalayas.

We also offer tailormade tours in Private jets and chartered helicopters. All our tours are Carbon Neutral.

Become Our Business Partner

Are you looking to partner up with a reliable trekking company in the Himalayas? Then, you can rest assured that you will be working with a proven leader in small-group adventure travel and Private tailor-made adventure tours in the Himalayas when you choose Responsible Adventures. Your clients will love their unforgettable experiences with us.

The Responsible Adventures Difference

Responsible Adventures is among the first trekking companies to design eco-friendly treks in the Himalayas. All waste from the expeditions is ecologically disposed of. Biodegradable rubbish is burned to facilitate quick disintegration. Plastics and other synthetic materials are returned to the base for recycling. We request each trekker to ensure that this practice is strictly observed. Read our Responsible Tourism Policy.

Responsible Adventures practices in the just treatment of all our employees. We have abolished the mistreatment and ill payment of trek leaders, local guides, and porters. Our employees are assured proper wages and receive benefits that are among the best in the Himalayas. Sharing bonuses among all employees is one of the many vital aspects of Responsible Adventures’ policies.

Experienced Team

Responsible Adventures was created and developed by Raj, who spent nearly two decades working for some of the biggest and most reputed international adventure companies. He saw an opportunity to provide value-added Boutique Himalayan experiences for the complete customer experience. Responsible Adventures is an ecological trekking organisation designed to improve, protect, and preserve the Himalayan mountain ranges’ environment.

All Responsible Adventures employees have many years of trekking and mountaineering experience and actively promote the protection and ecological use of the Himalayas’ fragile environment. The Himalayas is home to most of the team, and we wish to share its natural beauty and culture with our guests. We strive to instil respect for these sacred mountain ranges while preserving their historic surroundings, people, and culture. We aim to make a difference.


Responsible Adventures is an innovative company that provides top services to its customers. We fill in the void for the much-needed upscale services to clients looking for Boutique Himalayan Experiences. Responsible Adventures’ mid-range price provides value-added services that differentiate it from the rest.

We say “Best Experiences Guaranteed” rather than “Lowest price guaranteed,”


Post-COVID 19 Measures

The recent COVID 19 pandemic has given the world a rude wake-up call on how rapidly things can change. It has shown us how much damage has been done to the earth. But, it also taught us that doing the right thing can save our planet from an environmental disaster we had set course before the pandemic.

Our team has been pioneers in promoting prevention rather than cure and has provided hand sanitisers before each meal since 2006 – well before the COVID 19 pandemic. We are the first and only company that uses biodegradable toilet bags for our camping treks for our guests’ comfort and wellness. Our usage of superfoods on our wellness adventure has consistently helped our clients to boost their immune systems. Our trekkers can continue to use the ingredients we use on the treks to maintain their immune systems. This can give them a better chance of facing future pandemics.

“Take nothing but photographs along with great experiences; leave nothing but footprints and lasting impressions.”


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